(Demo 2) First Aid Kit

Each business has the legal responsibility to create a safe working environment. This includes the supply of sufficient and appropriate First Aid equipment in the form of First Aid Kits. For every 50 employees, indifferent of type of industry, one First Aid Kit must be made available.

It is the designated First Aider’s responsibility to ensure that the kit is checked on a regular basis and restocked as soon as an item has been removed.


1           Antiseptic Solution 100ml

1           Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm, 100’s

4          Sterile Swabs 75mm x 75mm, 5’s

1           Tweezers, plastic

12         Safety Pins

1           Special Bandage Scissors, metal

4          Triangular Bandages

4          Sterile Contour Bandages 75 mm

4          Sterile Contour Bandages 100 mm

4          First Aid Dressings No. 3

2          First Aid Dressings No. 5

1           Fabric Plaster Roll 25 mm

3          Sterile Trauma Burn Dressing 10cm x 10 cm

1           Sterile Trauma Burn Dressing 20cm x 20 cm

100      Plaster Strips

2          Wooden Splints

10        Pairs Anti Infection Gloves

2          CPR Mouthpiece

1           First Aid Handbook